National Sample Survey Branch

National Sample Survey Branch

Activities of Branch

The National Sample Survey branch at Directorate of Economics and Statistics, Gandhinagar(NSS) is a multi- subject integrated continuing sample Survey programme launched for collection of data on the various aspects of the state economy required by different agencies of the Government, both Central and State. The NSS started with the objective of collecting data for all the important socio- economic aspects influencing the life of the population in rural as well as urban areas and is participating in NSS Survey work from 18th round (1963-64) onward,with equal sample of NSSO.


It is responsible for primary data collection through state wise household surveys on socio- Economic aspects, industries, Service Sector Survey etc. The NSS branch now operates over the whole of rural and urban areas of Gujarat excepting only a few inaccessible and difficult pockets.


The wide variety of subjects brought under the coverage of surveys conducted so far by the NSS can broadly be classified under four categories: (1) Household surveys on socio- economic subjects, (2) Surveys on land holding, livestock and agriculture, (3) Establishment surveys, and enterprise surveys (4) Village surveys.


The fieldwork of the survey is carried out by three (3) regional offices located at Ahmedabad, Vadodara and Rajkot.


Ahmedabad Vadodara Rajkot
Office of the Statistical Officer (I.)

Block-C, 8thFlour,

BahumaliBhavan, Vastrapur,


Phone No. 079- 27912678


Office of the Statistical Officer (I.) Room No. 604- 605, 6thFlour,

B -Block, Narmada Bhavan,

(Police Bhavan), Vadodara.

Phone No. 0265- 2412418


Office of the Statistical Officer (I.) Govt. BahumaliBhavan,

5th Flour, Block No. 1, Race course ,

Rajkot- 1.

Phone No. 0281- 2476844



Contact Information:-


Contact Name Contact Number E-mail Address
National Sample Survey Branch 079-232 52818
National Sample Survey Branch 079-232 52835
National Sample Survey Branch 079-232 52817